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Digital Storage for What is Most Important to You

Empower your family with seamless access to vital information whenever they need it. Ensure your life's essential documents are fully safeguarded, providing complete peace of mind in times of emergencies.

This cutting-edge solution safeguards your active life and helps protects your legacy to provide you peace of mind. With this platform, you can securely store vital documents, passwords, and even end-of-life plans, accessible round the clock in case of any emergency. We make it effortless for you to share essential information concerning finances, insurance, wills, and funeral wishes with your cherished family and loved ones. Embrace the power of digital security and preserve all that truly matters, now and for the future.

Craft a comprehensive end-of-life plan with guidance at every stage.

The Ability to Have an Account Co-Owner

Want to share an account with your spouse, partner, or family member? You have the option of co-managing a joint account with dedicated information about each of you.

Flexible Access for Your Authorized Users

Give loved ones access to your plan on your terms. Limit what sections specific authorized users see and what they can edit.

Unlimited Digital Document Uploads

Upload copies of important documents so your loved ones never have to search for the files they need. Store tax records, bank statements, titles, insurance policies, wills, marriage licenses, birth certificates, military service records, personal notes, and more. (Files up to 40MB each).

A Secure, Encrypted Account You Can Trust

Your privacy is the top priority. Store and share your records and wishes with the confidence of industry-leading security features.​​

Build a complete, online end-of-life plan that includes:

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