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Senior Partner

After spending over twenty years in operations and human resources, Jeremy strived for something different. While the skills learned were invaluable, passion and fulfillment were not there. A strong desire to bring back collaboration and networking where small businesses and entrepreneurs can come together and leverage each other for success was the driving force behind WDC. It is the belief that scalable solutions to current issues can be found by having a strong network of knowledge, influence, and support that can be tapped into as needed.



Senior Partner / Agent

A lifelong operations enthusiast, Tammy worked in Medical Records, Coding & Operations throughout her career, advancing from technician to leading large teams of coding professionals. She has always had a passion for helping others and brings that passion to WDC.

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In Memory

Paul "PJ" Bryant - Partner

We said farewell for now to Paul in April 2022, a tragic loss for us all. Paul was a huge inspiration for launching our insurance business and always enjoyed helping others. Paul's roots were in the South; he was raised in Kentucky and moved to Traverse City in 2018.  He loved the community and natural beauty of the area.  His background in sales and customer service led him to the health insurance industry in 2020.  Paul came from a large family, and after assisting his own family and seniors in the community, he found a passion for helping others secure their health insurance and financial goals throughout their life stages.  Along with Tammy and Jeremy, Well Done Life & Legacy was established to help people navigate the often overwhelming health and life insurance landscape without the high-pressure sales many agents and customers experience.

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